Welcome to my foodie travelogue blog..

So, here is my first blog post. It all seemed like such a good idea 5-minutes ago. But now what to say...

Except, welcome to my blog, where I plan to share some of the ups and downs of running a supper club, where 10 strangers come to my house and I do my best to "wow" them with my food, and they have a great time socialising with the other food loving guests.

I am also going to share some of the fabulous food related experiences I have had over my many restaurant-visiting-years. I've always loved food. Discovering new places to eat and new places to visit around the city, county, country and even the world, which has led to some fantastic, and disastrous meals.

I'll tell you about any meals out that I have, offering a critique of the meal and ambience, but also about how the experience felt, because that's what food should do; inspire feelings, and create memories. I'll recall some of the memories I have and trall through my many photographs to try to paint you a picture of my experiences, but be warned my memory can be sketchy at times and my imagination may fill in some of the missing bits, but if all else fails I hope you will be entertained and informed by the end of each post.

Keep checking back for my regular updates.

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