Happy Birthday Dill & Bay

What a year it’s been. Today is day 366 since we officially opened, so we’re through “the toughest year”, but it doesn’t get any easier. I’m still here at 8:15 looking towards another 12+ hour day, cooking and serving, washing up if I have to. Anything to keep the service moving. As it happens our main oven has gone on the blink so I’m back at home making Yorkshire Puddings for todays Sunday Dinners. It’s like a supper club all over again - Country Music playing and the extractor fan on full.

But on our birthday it’s a great time to reflect on the rollercoaster of a year. We opened with a purely fine dining a la carte menu and have developed this to offer more of the “Home Comforts” in recent months and this has given us a new identity in Rothwell. With Breakfasts and simple lunches in there too we’ve become a relaxed family dining restaurant. It’s great to see families coming together over well cooked food that’s nutritious and delicious (especially if you get the side of veg).

But I know the hard work doesn’t just stop. Now our foot is in the door we’re working hard to keep it consistently fabulous, and spread our reach beyond Rothwell to ensure we see our 2nd birthday.

My role at Dill & Bay is a bit of everything and I’m spread very thinly. Cooking while balancing the books, recruiting while marketing, serving while washing up. I do it because I need to but also because I love it. When a compliment about decor or the food comes our way either through Facebook, TripAdvisor, or in person my smile is wider and brighter than ever because I know that all the effort of that day, week, month and now year has been worth it. But the opposite is true when we get the (few) negative reviews too - I know we must try harder and I need to find more hours in the day to work harder.

I always mention the support I receive and that includes my staff, my head chef, my parents but most of all Remmy. She has put up with my long hours and supported the home (and restaurant) financially, as well as raising our beautiful little girl and working too. She’s my star and rock and I love you forever.

This year with our loyal customer base growing and our consistently high quality menus delivering more of what you want we’ll sail through our second year through a little easier - fingers crossed!!

Come and join us at Dill & Bay from Wednesday to Sunday for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner. With evening meals only £12 for 2-courses we are here for your midweek tea, or celebrate with your friends and family with our Christmas menu on offer from Wednesday 23rd November.

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